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Phat Phillie:

It’s January of 2001. , my boy Bizzo and I are rolling heavy thru NYC snow, shopping beats and hitting all the Rap labels for promo wax. Somehow we get in touch w/ DJ Paul Nice from Poughkeepsie, NY who tells us Masta Ace is working on a new album and is looking for joints. That same night we get a call and we make our way to the legendary D&D Studios where Ace was in the middle of a recording session. We play a bunch of Koolade, Dash & Baby Dooks tracks and the whole room at D&D goes crazy. Ace writes down numbers of the instrumentals that he likes (as seen on the photo) and aks me to send him a beat CD. A few weeks later he decides to use one of Koolade’s beats that eventually becomes ‘Something’s Wrong’ feat. Strick & Young Zee. Before Zee was put on a record, Eminem was supposed to be a feature MC, but unfortunately that collabo never comes to life. Em was a huge M.A. fan growing up and you can definitely hear it in some of his flows. Nevertheless, the track came out dope! This was our 1st among many Masta Ace productions such as classic ‘Beautiful’, also ‘Who We Be’, ‘I Like You Like’, ‘A’s & E’s’, ‘Survival’ & ‘Love Crazy’. Ever since we met back in Jan, 2001. we stayed close w/ Ace, his family Leschea & Milan and his eMC crew. Happy 15th Anniversary to ‘Disposable Arts’ LP and happy soon to come Ace’s 50th Birthday (Dec 4th).

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  1. Davor Wolf Vesligaj on Facebook on October 17, 2016

    a koncert ej…..

  2. Mislav Shari on Facebook on October 17, 2016

    nevjerojatna priča!

  3. Iva Glamuzina on Facebook on October 17, 2016

    Petra Rožman