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Fresh off of the release of their acclaimed compilation LP, Table Manners, the 2 Hungry Bros. production duo Deep and Ben Boogz provide a backdrop of compositions that are bound to cause whip-lash amongst the most stiff-necked critics. Meanwhile, for those who need more than good beats in their iPod, 8thW1 brings witty and intelligent bars with a touch of humor wrapped in an effortless flow reminiscent of the wordsmiths of the early 90’s Golden Era. This combination of the two musical entities on this project boasts a balanced tracklist that showcases variety while maintaining consistency making it an easy listen from start to finish.

UPDATE: Link removed by demand of the artist

  1. Deep of the 2 Hungry bros on May 29, 2010

    please take this down. this will be a single available for purchase on June 15th. i already have a radio promoter pushing the single. I appreciate the promo support but i don’t thin this will help out the 2 Hungry bros or domination. thanks. please take this down