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Over the past 3 decades the art of DJing has morphed into a culture that, thanks to technology, has changed the way consumers digest music. No longer just an art of dropping the needle on the record, DJ culture is big business and thanks to those Hip-Hop forefathers who first introduced us to scratching, mixing and blending, there is a new generation of DJ’s taking the art form to whole new levels incorporating branding, merchandise and technology to keep the art form thriving. IDJ’s Trade Association(IDJTA), Bum Squad DJ’s, and Global Investments LLC are among those entities who are strong proponents for the progression of the culture and have joined forces to bring you the 2nd Annual IDJ Awards September 26-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 3-day video conference will host hundreds of the top DJ’s from around the world to celebrate some of the top turntablists leading the way in the world of DJing while featuring some of the top gadgets on the market.

IDJTA Founder Edwin “OG Eddie” Myles has always been an advocate for DJ’s rights and is excited about the addition of Global Investments LLC signing on as a corporate sponsor. “The partnership with Global Investments is a big deal because they as a financial institution understand the marketability and importance of DJ culture. They understand that as a commodity the DJ lifestyle is open to limitless opportunities for generating revenue and they are open to help create those opportunities and educating attendees on financial independence through investments.” The IDJTA conference will have workshops on topics including video editing, the performance factor, MIDI mapping, an exclusive live Mix Lounge, and of course plenty of hot new music. The awards show will be hosted by Jack Thriller of and industry veteran Jazzy, of Jazzy Management and will honor the lives of celebrated DJ’s including: DJ ROCK RAIDER, DJ AIM, DJ MR. MAGIK, DJ HIDEO, and DJ SCREW.

The Bumsquad DJz , whose annual DJ reunions bring out some of entertainments favorite artists each year, signed on to collaborate with IDJTA and SMAHVIDS.COM as a show of comraderie in the competitive artform. “We’re all DJs who love the art and that’s all that matters.” Explains Myles, “I learned at the feet of our industry forefathers that the bigger picture is about the culture and preserving its legacy so we have to continually give something back to it so it can continue to grow and flourish and these networking events do just that.” Special guest artists from labels including Sony, Atlantic and Def Jam will be on hand alongside the DJs at this illustrious networking affair. The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino will host the 3 day event which can be viewed online. Artists still have opportunities to submit music for contests, performances and to chance get up close and personal with their favorite DJ’s. To register for the conference or for sponsorship information visit www. or email

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