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First let me start by explaining what Posse Cuts and Collabos are. A Posse Cut is a track made that includes various members in the same crew, clique or posse or on the same label i.e.: The Juice Crew (Big Daddy Kane,
Kool G Rap, Craig G and Master Ace).

Now a Collabo is a collaboration with various artists who aren’t necessarily on the same label. Not in the same crew, clique or posse, but came together and collaborated i.e.: Self Destruction or Dwyck with Gangstarr and Nice & Smooth.

Ok now that we got that out the way and got everyone up to speed, the following is a list of the greatest hip-hop posse cuts or collabos. This is a topic that has been and will always be up for debate, because it depends on people’s preferences and personal favorites.

So this is my list, it started out the 10 greatest, but there were so many more I kept thinking of so it quickly became the 50 classic hip-hop posse cuts and collabos, in no particular order of course.

Click here to check out the list.

  1. Jon on May 20, 2011

    The Grand Finale – The D.O.C. feat. N.W.A

    How is this not on the list? Easily top 10.