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So we had all these Roots TV episodes lying around in a shoebox (dunks, natch) full of VHS tapes. If you were born in this millenium Roots TV was a documentary series that followed The Legendary Roots Crew on their globetrotting grind; rocking stages from Japan to Glastonbury, signing autographs and bringing the funk to pre-Gryffindor tour busses. Today we bring you episodes 1 through 4, originally released as a single VHS tape in 1998. Look for cameos from Common, Planet Asia, various guests at the infamous Black Lily jam sessions at Wetlands and the cowbell that will be played on “Double Trouble.” A special heads up: Episode 3 features studio sessions for the immortal “Step Into The Realm” jawn from Things Fall Apart.

Hit continue reading to watch episodes 2-4.

Via OKP.

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