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Remember that time that A.G. fired shots at Arrested Development in The Source for not mentioning Show when they won the Grammy for Tennesee? Here’s the remix in question, alongside fifteen other examples of Show’s production magic, ranging from his early big band horn-stab style through to his incredibly sparse, stripped down period and his more recent cinematic sound.

Download it here.

Track listing:

01 ‘All Love’ [Show Remix] – D.I.T.C.
02 ‘Pounds Up’ [Remix] – M.O.P.
03 ‘Fat Pockets’ [Radio Remix] – Showbiz & A.G.
04 ‘Best Behavior’ [Showbiz Remix #2] – D.I.T.C.
05 ‘The Ultimate’ [Showbiz Remix] – Artifacts
06 ‘Stone to The Bone’ [Remix] – Big Jaz
07 ‘Tennessee’ [Remix] – Arrested Development
08 ‘Day One’ [Show Remix] – D.I.T.C.
09 ‘Big Apple Gone Rotten’ [Remix] – Fat Joe & Armageddon
10 ‘Return of the Funkyman’ [Remix] – Lord Finesse
11 ‘Sally Got a One-Track Mind’ [Showbiz Remix] – Diamond D
12 ‘Breakfast At Denny’s’ [Showbiz Remix] – Buckshot Lefonque
13 ‘I Got A Man’ [Hip Hop Mix] – Positive K
14 ‘You’ve Been Played’ [Showbiz Street Mix] – Smooth
15 ‘North South East West’ [Showbiz Remix] – Black Sheep
16 ‘Bring It On’ [Remix] – Maestro Fresh Wes

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