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Over two years ago fans of A Tribe Called Quest first learned that Nas and New York actor Michael Rapaport were working on a documentary on the seminal Native Tongues outfit.
In a recent interview with Soul Assassins radio on Shade 45, Rapaport gave an update on the film. “I’m finishing up this documentary about A Tribe Called Quest that I been directing,” he said. “It’s a rock and roll-style documentary which is about Tribe—which is one of my favorite groups. It’s been fun and hopefully we’ll have it done and ready for 2010.”
Back in ’08, spoke with former group frontman Q-Tip about the project. “I think this is gonna be the first motion picture documentary done on a hip-hop group, which is an honor,” he said. “…Nas spoke to me a while ago and was like, ‘I want to shoot a documentary on you dudes.’ Michael Rapaport saw us perform in LA and said the same thing, so they combined forces. They basically are shooting it. They got backstage footage. They got old archive stuff. They’ve been interviewing everybody.”
“It’s weird ’cause they got everybody from [Jonah Hill] to Ghostface,” he continued. “It’s interesting. It’s gonna be their take or whatever. And there’s a part in the film where they follow Phife into a surgery for his kidney transplant. So, it’s a deep movie.”

Speaking of Michael Rapaport, which role do you prefer? The Neo-Nazi skinhead student or the Jewish dad of three?

Via XXL Mag.

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