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The Godfather of Hip Hop will be honored during a special ceremony at the end of the year.

Hip Hop veteran Afrika Bambaataa is set to be inducted into the Hard Rock Walls of Fame during its first annual ceremony, also presented by Humungis Music.

The event, taking place on December 29th at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada, is set to feature special guest DJ Just Blaze.

For the first time ever, the Hard Rock Café will perform an inductioon ceremony for a legend of popular music. The world will witness the entrance of Afrika Bambaataa, the Godfather and Innovator of what we now call Hip Hop and Electro Funk, into the Hard Rock Café’s elite fraternity of honored musicians. Without Afrika, there would be no Jay-Z, no Kanye West, no Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber as we know them.

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