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Great roundtable debate about the success of Lil Wayne’s The Carter IV which has had huge first-week-album-sales numbers, that are not often seen these days in hip-hop or any music genre, which also started the rumors of record label “fixing” the numbers (Birdman buying the albums).

Last week, Lil’ Wayne’s newest album The Carter 4 came out to mixed reviews, but first week sales to the tune of 964,000 copies sold. This made it the most highly talked about topic all week. So and The Source decided to get the brain trust together, stuff them all in The Source’s conference room, and press record as they let the opinions fly. So press play and listen to Combat Jack (The Source), Angela Yee (Power 105.1 NY), Jeff Sledge, Big D (Universal Records), and B. Dot ( all debate The Carter 4. We talk about everything from their thoughts on the music, the sales and promotion of the album, and the rumors of record labels “fixing” the numbers. And of course we had to bring up the Watch The Throne vs Carter 4 topic. So sit back, relax, and take notes. and The Source. We the business. 100 million dollars.


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