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Even tho it`s his fifth album and despite his consistent and longstanding career, Apathy once again delivers a true gem that you would only expect from a fine lyricist and producer. He takes you on a tour concerning the state of hip hop nowadays, corporate phonies and idiotic pop culture. Listeners of this record will become cautious of who they shake hands with, hence the album`s name. Production duties are handled entirely by Apathy himself.Having experienced firsthand what it’s like to start independently from the dirt, then be entrenched in a major label contract during the peak of hip hop’s commercial success, to touring alongside certified diamond-selling mega rockstars. Apathy tends to let you know that he is the man for the job aswell as being one in charge of spitting pure gold. This project represents those of us not willing to compromise our artistry for fame and money. Can we shake on that?
The album also features Twista, Bun B, Celph Titled, B-Real, Sick Jacken, Oh No, Ras Kass, O.C., Pumpkinhead, Spit Gemz, Blacastan, Nutso and more.

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