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This is incredible, the 1st time the Notorious BIG touched down on Hot 97, AND if you don’t know, there was really NO other radio station in the country playing Hip Hop full time, so this is more than likely the 1st radio interview Big ever did!!!

Back in Late to mid June 1994, about a week or 2 before July 4th(either June 17th or 24th), this interview happened on Flex “Friday Night Street Jam”, and Like WOW, there are so many NYC hip hop and Biggie Smalls & 90′s era jewels in this interview, like the fact Flex mentions Biggie had an ‘underground buzz’(Early), this interview was before “Juicy” dropped and “Unbelievable” was the confirmed B-side, and that his name on the Album was official the NOTORIOUS BIG because some skate hip hop punk poser sued him for the name ‘Biggie Smalls’ prior to this(except he spelled his with a z), CRAZY!!!

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