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Worldwide underground hero and DC rapper Oddisee throws down couplets from his extensive catalog. Recorded live in Iceland.

Rapper and producer Oddisee, aka Amir Mohamed El Khalifa, has spent more than a decade in the game, dropping jewels for the likes of BBE and Halftooth Records, groups like Heralds Of Change and Diamond District, plus a slew of self-released mixtapes and spin-off projects. Coming up in the game through Jazzy Jeff and his Touch Of Jazz production team, 2006 Academy grad Oddisee has proven himself able to adapt to whatever hurdles get thrown his way, dodging collapsing labels and file-sharing explosions like a mic-wielding superhero, while still keeping ahead of the creative zeitgeist. Renowned for his relentless work ethic, signature off-kilter production and Southern drawl on the mic, his third solo album People Hear What They See took his tally of solo releases up to 30, amid countless production credits and guest appearances. Oddisee is a veteran of rawthenticity, combining the everyday with the unfamiliar to reveal the poetic.

16 February 2017 at SonarComplex in Reykjavik, Iceland

Listen to the live audio via Red Bull and catch Oddisee live at The Garden Brewery this Tuesday.

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