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Tollah Music is proud to announce the latest full-length in this series, Cocoon. With Cocoon (available digitally on July 20), Tollah delivers another batch of soulful tracks for beat junkies, aspriring MCs, and hip-hop aficianados worldwide.

While he’s been churning out a steady stream of music for over a decade, Cocoon marks a turning point for Ayatollah. “I’m going through a musical transformation,” he describes. “It’s a musical growth process, like a larvae going to a butterfly.” While fans can still expect the soulful sounds that have become his signature, Ayatollah dug deeper for Cocoon. Tracks like the sinister “Casino” and the chopped-up “Lonely Girl” show that Tollah has mastered the rare art of conveying moods and messages through instrumental music. As he explains, “I’ve gotten more creative, and my beats are getting better and better.” Stay tuned for a multi-CD anthology of Ayatollah’s instrumenal work coming soon.

Download: Ayatollah – Lonely Girl

Continue reading for the album tracklist.

1. Gordon’s War
2. Casino
3. Getting To Know Me
4. Dig This
5. The Writers Bench
6. Bubble
7. Soul Power
8. WOW
9. Heaven Can’t Wait
10. Reefer
11. Lonely Girl
12. Rhyme Amazing
13. Growth
14. It
15. Black Ivory
16. You And I
17. When Tomorrow Comes
18. How Ya’ll Feel Out There

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