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Yesterday night at DJ 279′s Flavour Of The Month show, AZ was on stage and he shouted out Nas, Nature, Foxy and Dr. Dre. He also said that The Firm 2 album would be coming out sooner than you think.

So when I sat down with AZ a few hours ago, I asked him whether the second Firm album is really going to happen. “It’s a possibility, talks in the works…80 per cent of us have spoken about the project so we need 20 more per cent”.

Something tells me the 20 per cent is Dr. Dre. But the rapper said with or without Dre, the album may still come out. “with or without him (Dr. Dre), it still might happen”

To end the snippet of my interview, I ask AZ about “Do Or Die 2″ and what his favourite track from “9 Lives”.

Do Or Die 15th Anniversary Edition will be out in November. Do Or Die 2 is scheduled for release in 2011.


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