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In a feature with Live Nation TV, Big Boi of the legendary Hip-Hop group Outkast gives us an inside look at his dog breeding business.
The video features Big Boi and his younger brother James Patton’s business , where they breed American Bullies , French Bulldogs,and English Bulldogs.

Big Boi mentions Antonio “LA” Reid as the person who is responsible for signing Outkast to their first major label at Arista Records.
The man not only influenced Outkast but also inspired Big Boi to monetize his love for dogs as well.
“Business wise I was taught by LA Reid,” Big Boi said. “He always taught me to invest in what you know. With Outkast, when we first got our first publishing check, we went out and bought equipment to produce and then we started producing on our second album.”
According to Big Boi, Outkast’s invested into their own equipment so that allowed them to keep producing costs low and build the massive “Stankonia” studio in Atlanta, thanks to LA Reid’s mentorship.

Seems like Big Boi also had a big passion towards dogs which made him and his brother take dogs from the street and nurse them back to health while also hiding them from their mother when they were young .They also named themselves “hood veterinarians”
As Big Boi puts it, “When it’s all said and done I just want to sit back with my animals in the midst of the trees and the forest and just be peaceful.”

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