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Here’s a nice gem for you Big L fans – Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous promo cassette from 1994.
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Side A:

01. Put It On ft. Kid Capri (Produced by Buckwild)
02. No Endz, No Skinz (Produced by Showbiz)
03. 8 Iz Enuff ft. Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddah Bless, Big Twan, Killa Kam, Trooper J & Mike Boogie (Produced by Buckwild)
04. I Don’t Understand It (Produced by Showbiz)
05. Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous (Produced by Lord Finesse)
06. Devil’s Son (Produced by Showbiz)
07. I Shoulda Used a Rubba (Produced by Buckwild)

Side B:

08. School Dayz (Produced by Lord Finesse)
09. All Black (Produced by Lord Finesse)
10. Da Graveyard ft. Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, Jay-Z, Party Arty & Grand Daddy I.U. (Produced by Buckwild)
11. Let ‘Em Have It L (Produced by Craig Boogie)
12. Fed Up Wit’ Da Bullshit (Produced by Lord Finesse)
13. Timez Iz Hard (Produced by Lord Finesse & Buckwild)

DOWNLOAD: Big L – Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous (Promo Cassette)

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