Blackout Top News

Flamboyant Entertainment (in conjunction with the Coleman estate) is putting together a proper and official Big L’s rare and unreleased tracks album, but this time newly remastered and in CDQ. It will feature classic tracks that didn’t make Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous or The Big Picture plus some remastered classic freestyles.
The album will be released on May 31st. The first single from the project – which is a remastered take on the Lord Finesse / Big L collaboration (one of his first), 1992s You Know What I’m About – a track recorded for the Tresspass OST but the label didn’t want any unknown rappers on there and Finesse had to record a solo version instead, and it took a few years before this leaked.

Bonus: A new version of Gang Starr’s Work, this time with a Big L verse on it.

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