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This is a must see footage . the Great Big L tour with B.I.G and Puffy and C Mack. Did an Interview with Karamel Video jams. The most Humble MC I ever met

In related news, Street Struck (Big L documentary) is set to release in late August, early September. Catch some behind the scenes after jump.
Via 2DB.

Street Struck The Big-L Story this clip is from the Making of a video from a song off the Soundtrack of the Street Struck Soundtrack.This clip was an Early Exclusive made for Biglonline and primarily for all the Undying supportive fans of BigL and all his Music.Thanks for all the the Support and see you guys in late August Mid September when we finally release the Long Awaited Street Struck The BigL Story.Jewlz the director/DangerZone filmz

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