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His rhymes caught attention of millions. His flow is un-matched by any. His story is captivating and triumphant.
Back in 98, Big Pun, a Puerto Rican from the Bronx made history by becoming the first Latino rapper to sell over a million records. Later that year his album Capital Punishment was nominated for a Grammy. Nearly every artist in the Hip Hop community desired to record with Pun. His presence stunned the music world, as millions of fans patiently awaited his future releases. However, on February 7th 2000, Big Pun s life was cut short when he suffered a heart attack.
Experience the ups and the downs, the extraordinary weight gain, his legendary TS crew and the resounding legacy. Through a series of interviews with today s Hip Hop heavyweights and never before seen footage, discover the true story behind one of the most influential artists of our generation Big Pun…

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