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Bill was the original publicist for Rush Communications and Def Jam and was there from the very beginning. For six years, Bill contributed to the rise of our DEFinitive label through the development of artists, the original CBS distribution deal, the initial wave of journalism covering Hip-Hop and many more things crucial to the development of this artform and culture as a commodity.

Continue reading to watch more clips of Bill Adler talk about Russell Simmons, building the Def Jam brand, Public Enemy controversy with Professor Griff, The Long Beach Raising Hell Riot of 1986 and more.

Sidebar: Upon his departure from all that is Def, Bill took a different path and opened an art studio dedicated to the Hip-Hop image. You can see some of those incredible indelibles here. He currently sits on the board of advisors on the National Museum of Hip-Hop.

Via Planet Ill.

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