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We had a chance to chop it up with the up and coming talented rapper Bishop Nehru. We touched on various topics, from working with MF DOOM to touring with Wu-Tang, so hit continue reading to take a look.

What’s the background of your artist name?
Bishop – The character in “Juice” who wanted respect the most. / A spiritual supervisor.
Nehru – The last name of the First Prime Minister of India, (One of the Smartest but most alept on countries)

Music wise, which artists do you look up to?
Tupac (Obviously) DOOM, Nas, Wu Tang, Pharrell. Just to name a few.

How do you feel about being compared to Joey Badass?
Lol, Its always a weird comparison. I thought i was going to draw DOOM comparisons haha, I guess its because of the boom bap sound though. But a lot of my sound comes from more DOOM than anyone i’d have to say so myself so I think those comparisons are out of the park.

How has it been for you to tour overseas with the Wu-Tang Clan?
I’ve been back for a while now, It was cool though dope experience both shows we’re dope and the crowds were amazing.

Is there any genre of music you prefer over hip hop? We heard you were a big fan of jazz.
Yeah im a big fan of jazz and latin/Brazilian tunes. Even though i can’t understand it the instruments sound dope to me. Universal language.

You said that DOOM reached out to you to do music together. How did that come about and have you guys recorded anything so far?

I was opening for DOOM and Ghostface at the 100 Club a while back and well after the show I was standing outside and DOOM came out while I was out there and we ran into each other. It was kind of like a movie scene. As far as recordings, Yes there are a couple of tracks that have been finished just trying to wrap it up now.

As far as up and coming artists go, who would you keep an eye on?
As far as up and comers go i’d have to say myself theres a bunch of stuff I cant wait for the universe to be exposed to so stay tuned and look out for the product ill be delivering soon.

You also work on your own videos, is that something you wanna get into more in the future?
YES, So very much. I love directing, writing screenplays and i even hope to act. Just being able to make or be involved in visuals period. I’d love to direct videos for other artists, as I already direct for myself I feel it would really give me a chance to show my creativity as a whole.

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