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Recently we had a chance to chop it up with Marco Polo. The Brooklyn based producer speaks on his new album PA2: The Director’s Cut, working with Organized Konfusion, scoring the official theme song for the Brooklyn Nets and more.

Hit continue reading to check out the interview. Shouts to JJ Jensen for the hook-up.

Tell us about your new album, you’ve been working on it for several years now?

PA2: The Director’s Cut is my brand new album and was almost a 5 year process. I recorded so much material that an entirely second album was born earlier this year called Newport Authority 2. Basically, Shylow and I just reach out to people we wanna work with. Once we get a good few songs recorded we keep it moving. We think of collaborations that are interesting over never been done but also ones that make sense. A lot of people just do random posse cuts, hate those. PA2 features a solid list of artists. Legends like Organized Konfusion, Large Professor, Posdnuos & under the radar/up and coming cats like The Doppelgangaz, Reach, Invincible…

What was it like working with icons such as Rakim and Big Daddy Kane?

Unfortunately neither was in the studio with because of geographical issues but I think we achieved great results. I hope I can work on more music with both of them as I think we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg on the potential.

How did the Organized Konfusion collabo come about?

I’ve been doing a lot of work with Monch for his new PTSD album. The 3-O-Clock joint was originally suppose to Monch and another MC who wanted way too much money. This inspired me to ask Monch to hit up Po. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Very proud to have that song set off the album.

What makes Port Authority 2 different from the first Port Authority?

The beats are better. My production has grown immensely. I’m learning new stuff all the time. My sound has expanded. Still dirty and dusty but bigger and bigger. Also, a lot of new names in the house for this album. I think fans of PA1 will love PA2.

Why did you choose Michael Rapaport to do the intro for your album?

He’s white, he’s kinda of nerdy (like me haha), he LOVES Hip Hop and he’s an incredible actor! Also, because He helped tie the whole album together. Shouts to Shy for scripting the parts for Mike.

You produced the new theme song for the Brooklyn Nets, tell us more about that.

My boy Brian Hamilton hooked me up with that gig. Last year, I got a reference track of what they were looking for. Made a beat with that vibe and they picked up. Very dope seeing the Barclay center is 7 blocks from where I live. GO NETS! haha

You’ve been touring around Europe, did you get a chance to go crate digging anywhere?

This last tour with Ace I didn’t get a chance to dig BUT my boy O.S.T.R. from Poland (who I’m doing a whole album with btw….) gave me a bunch of dope Polish records.

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