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We are very proud to announce that Blackout’s very own Koolade is releasing his brand new Swan Pond EP on the extraordinary BLVNT RECORDS label. The Chicago label is known for exquisite, predominantly Hip Hop inspired instrumental music and is most definitely an adequate channel to find Koolade’s new music. Considering Koolade’s sound suits BLVNT RECORDS very well, we got an exclusive chance to share the tunes with you and lay some commentary on the new release. Check out the Swan Pond EP fresh out the box:

Inspired by his environment, living across Croatia’s capital city’s biggest lake- Jarun, Koolade dedicated this EP to the wonderful nature surrounding him, calling his sound the Jarun Funk. The tunes are very consistent in their sound and expression, creating a unison atmosphere and story of his milieu. Packed with lush and tender harmonies mixed with fat drums and bass lines, the swingy songs are full of little surprises and sweet endings. To top it off, the BLVNT RECORDS release KooladeSwan Pond EP would unquestionably be a nice acquisition for your enjoyment.

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