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For those that don’t know, BLUE RASPBERRY is best known for her singing on one of the most popular and talented rap groups in the music industry on songs like “Ice Cream”, “Rainy Dayz”, “Glaciers of Ice”, “Release Yo Delf” and that’s right, the group is the Wu-Tang Clan.
Now with her new album “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” BLUE RAPSBERRY will bring her movement of songs that her fans can embrace, understand and most of all love because of what she represents. “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” album is sure to raise eye brows with her topics, aggression and the message behind her music. I’m quite sure that her music will be timeless and you will be able to play BLUE RASPBERRY’S “Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story” album many years from now and it will still be relevant.

Download: Blue RaspBerry Feat. Dox – What’s Good

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