Blackout Top News

Hit continue reading to see the tracklist and watch BDP’s performance in 1991.
KRS-One will be performing @ Fresh Island Festival 2013. (Club Aquarius), July 12th.

01. KRS-One Intro (New Track)
02. Lick A Shot (New Track)
03. The Eye Opener (New Track)
04. Jack Of Spades (From Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop)
05. My Philosophy (From By All Means Necessary)
06. Still #1 (Freestyle) (New Track)
07. Poetry (From Criminal Minded)
08. House Nigga’s (From Edutainment)
09. Criminal Minded (From Criminal Minded)
10. Jimmy (From By All Means Necessary)
11. The Bridge Is Over (From Criminal Minded)
12. Ya Know The Rules (From Edutainment)
13. Kenny Parker Intro (From Edutainment)
14. South Bronx (From Criminal Minded)
15. Reggae Medley (New Track)
16. Super Hoe (From Criminal Minded)
17. Up To Date (New Track)
18. Why Is That (From Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop)
19. Stop The Violence (From By All Means Necessary)
20. Bo Bo Bo (From Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop)
21. Come To The Teacher (New Track)
22. Breath Control II (From Edutainment)
23. Self Destruction (New Track)
24. KRS-One Outro (New Track)

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