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The music industry is a place where people come and go. Nowadays it’s no longer cool to be considered “old school”. The general public is more interested in what’s next then the history of the game. This can make it difficult for someone to stay relevant for a long period of time. Not Tony Touch. Starting as a B-Boy, Tony made waves everywhere he went in his career. He helped popularize the mixtape game that we know and love today. He helped bring the genre of reggaeton stateside. Now he’s broadcasting his radio show Toca Tuesdays internationally on Sirius/XM’s Shade 45, becoming the main platform for new artists on radio.

In our brief sit down with Tony we talk about how he got his start at radio, his relationship with Eminem and getting the gig at Shade 45, his focus on working with newer artists, and The Return of the 50 MCs.


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