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Hip-Hop group Brand Nubian members(some) made an appearance on Sway in the Morning. This being Grand Puba first time with Sadat X being a returning face on the show. Meanwhile Lord Jamar is back east working on his acting gig and some new music soon to be dropping.

During the show Sway asks the two what the status of the group was at this very moment in time, and they both responded in a similar manner expressing how they basically never stopped.

“We on the road; ain’t stopped since’91,”said Grand Puba.

It was interesting to listen to Puba speak on his writing process saying he harmonically created his lyrics to baselines. Sadat X confirms that they are in process of getting beats together for new music. Basically nothing has changed they are still the same team.
Listen as they also express their feelings on listening to new artists, getting their message heard through music, and how Puba lost his Tommy Hilfiger deal back in the days.

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