Blackout Top News

Walking into the SRC office, there’s a very serious, almost tense feeling in the air. Not tense in the sense of angry or uncomfortable, but focused. No one is looking to joke around or play games. They are there to get a job done. This is an attitude that is visibly shown on the face of their leader Steve Rifkind. Steve has been in the music business since he was a kid. By this time in his life he’s seen it all. The one thing he’s focused on is finding what’s next.

As we are setting up, Steve’s assistant and staff are running in and out of his office, giving him bits and pieces of information. As we find out in the interview, we are holding up a meeting between Steve and another high power UMG executive over the development of one of his artists. Steve is visibly upset at the idea that artists are being rushed to release product nowadays. He hates that the music industry is starting to be all about “the quick buck”. I can’t say that I blame him.

After talking about basketball, and seeing videos of his son play (who’s one of the better teen players in the country), we get to business. The man who was so focused on his meeting turns his attention to us, discussing everything from Napster and Facebook to Odd Future (who he’s extremely interested in). He’s not joking around, he’s not trying to be anyone’s friend. It’s strictly business with Steve Rifkind. Never Personal.

Via AL.

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