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Swiss beatmaker Chief delivers “Drone Beats & Electric Waves”, a collection of haunting and bewitching instrumentals crafted specifically for this project. The album showcases Chief’s technical deftness while letting musicality take the front seat, and fills the gap between classic beatmaking and forward thinking production.

This is the follow-up to the 2009 album “Collabo Collection”. Chief is better known for his production works for artists such as Blu, Moka Only, Kissey Asplund, Dynas, John Robinson, Co$$, Les Nubians, Sene,…

Chief liberated track called ‘When I need you’ off Drone Beats & Electric Waves for a free download.

Download link plus album trailer, cover artwork and tracklisting after the cut.

Download: Chief – When I Need You

01. Anyway
02. Croco Handshake
03. Scanner Resurrection
04. Drone Beat
05. Monday Jazz
06. When I need you
07. Vibrator Cat
08. Just relax
09. Hey yo!
10. Music for a black berret
11. Domuno
12. Ginger revenge
13. Sometimes ago
14. St Paquouz
15. You and I
16. Distribute more energy
17. F.I.L. revisted
18. Magic words
19. Wild draw four card
20. BK invasion
21. Fantastic week-end
22. Going out
23 Outro


Side A
1. Anyway
2. Monday Jazz
3. Croco Handshake
4. When I need you

Side B
1. Domuno
2. Drone Beat
3. F.I.L. revisited
4. Sometime ago
5. Friday

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