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Before Biggie and Pac, where going at it in a war dubbed the East Coast/West Coast beef, there was Tim Dog. Now, I loved what NWA, Ice Cube, DJ Quik and those guys were doing, but, I have an eternal love for the underdog (which they were too in a different way). Maybe New York didn’t realize it at the time, but a lot of us “outsiders” shifted our eyeballs to other areas of the nation in the late 80s and early 90′s. Compton was one of those areas and we were captivated with the visuals coming through the speakers.
Tim wasn’t having it.

Tim Dog was brazen, brash and bold against some of the most talented and fearsome rappers in the game in 1991 with “F**k Compton.” But he spoke out when Dre beat up Dee Barnes, the video music host. The Ultra Magnetic affiliate talked out opposing something we East Coasters didn’t fully understand at the time – gangs. His debut album, Penicillin on Wax, was almost chiefly meant to discredit rappers from Compton and , to a lesser degree, the West Coast. He also did some outright silly stuff like dissing Kid-N-Play, cool and fun emcees. He also praised Public Enemy for no apparent reason. He apologized to Dr. Dre’s ex-girlfriend, singer Michel’le, for dissing her in “F**k Compton.” He made sure it was known he was cool with Ice Cube, Ice-T and kinda liked NWA’s MC Ren. LOL! He was all over the place sometimes. A rebel with many contradicting causes.

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