Blackout Top News

Public Enemy front man and Hip hop Icon Chuck D recently announced the launch of “…ANDYOUDONTSTOP! ” is a 2 hour radio broadcast on New York terrestrial radio station WBAI 99.5 FM. The show airs Monday nights from 9 – 11 PM EST. As importantly the show is blastcast and archived across the WorldWide Web on, and soon to be PODCAST on iTunes and BEYOND.FM.

….ANDYOUDONSTOP! is an urban music magazine which according to MistaChuck, “Brings the noise with world beats, and issues, missing discussions, inside stories about the music, labels, producers, writers, and fanatics about this”. Its the 120 minute epicenter of Rap Music and HipHop. …

Chuck D INTROs monologues and OUTROs the show , as well as manning a segment called Songs That Mean Something and This Week In Hip Hop and Rap Music. Outside of this Chuck D is one of the most prodigious artists in the history of Hip Hop. His groundbreaking group, Public Enemy established him as an intelligent, articulate spokesperson for political and socially conscious music. He redefined Hip Hop as music with a universal message, and his revolutionary lyrics gave a voice to urban youth and the under-represented. Dubbing Rap “The Black CNN”, he taught the world that the genre was more than entertainment; it was a force for social change.

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