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Common and RZA are working together on the upcoming adaptation of the 70s book series ˝Black Samurai˝. Common will apear as Robert Sand and RZA will apear as an executive producer on the project. Developer of the show is Andre Gaines, who has the rights to the original Marc Olden series, and it’s developed under Cinematic Studios.

In the series, Robert Sand is a black man trained by a Japanese samurai master . He goes on a mission of vengeance, hell-bent on
killing the terrorists and evil powers that have killed the people that he loves. The project was first adapted from it’s source material in a 1977 film that was starred by Jim Kelly.

Gaines talked to Variety about RZA’s role in helping to bring the project to light and add a bit of validity to the series.
“There is a long tradition and storied relationship between hip-hop and martial arts,” Gaines said. “Having RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan brand on board to executive produce will validate the series even more and mobilize the fans.”

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