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With a escalating following and a voice that has helped the strong movement of Hip Hop, covertly titled Emcee Just-1 and International Beat Master Nevahmind have, together, put their full force into making a solid Hip Hop Album titled The Grand Deception.
They have carefully selected, not only quality material for this 20 track album, but also polishing the album with some of the illest around the country: Chino XL, Canibus, Diabolic, Phillip Morris, Adil Omar, Guerilla War Tactix, Dums from ACL, Prince EA, Born Visionz, etc.
Distributed independently, The Grand Deception is due out January 2010 and in the meantime Just-1 & Nevahmind are releasing the first single Sabotage featuring none other the Lyrical Jesus himself Chino XL.

Download: Conspiracy Of Mind Feat. Chino XL – Sabotage

Shout out to the Conspiracy crew.

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