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Sage Francis takes much needed time out of his ‘strange famous’ and non-stop career to share with us his “best of times” as an artist creating his new album ‘Li(f)e’. In this interview Sage discusses ‘Li(f)e’ and it’s foreign territory sonically for himself as well as those involved, lyricism, soul-searching, themes including Christopher “Little Houdini” Gaye’s prison break, working with composer French composer Yann Tiersen (Amelie soundtrack), upcoming London show, Strange Famous Records and so much more. Unbelievably essential listening for all Sage Francis fans worldwide – he even records a special message for you all.

The ever prolific Ras Kass joins us live from a studio in sunny Los Angeles to discuss and promote upcoming project with Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic “A.D.I.D.A.S” exclusively on Conspiracy Radio. Listen as a typically rejuvenated and focused Ras Kass addresses details on A.D.I.D.A.S. and its creation and projects prior to it as well as chopping up his newfound internet/technology game with Mista Montana and speaks of plans of work off the mic for an upcoming cartoon. He also reveals an update on the much anticipated Four Horsemen project and speaks of recently seeing with Kurupt just days before this interview. Save the Ras Kass and support A.D.I.D.A.S when it drops.

Buckshot steps away from daddy duties co-starring his daughter in the background to celebrate 15 years of the powerhouse that is Duck Down Records. Take a trip down memory lane with Mista Montana and Menace as we reflect and remember the creation of Black Moon and its significance today. Learn about the evolution of Black Moon between the name switching from group name Unique Image High to High Tech before finally sticking with the name we all recognise and love; Black Moon!. Buck also discusses on Black Moons sound pre Finsta, cutting the original Black Moon demo, Evil Dee’s vocal coaching, samples and the possibilities of a sequel to Enta Da Stage. In addition we are also given nuggets on upcoming Duckdown releases including Random Axe’s highly anticipated project and Buckshot’s forthcoming book.

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QN5 Records is one of the most expressive and creative record labels in the history of hip hop. Their roster of artists and musical output remains unrivaled as they reach their 10 year anniversary. Head honcho and all round stand up guy, Tonedeff, joins us for a humorous exploration of QN5’s history and their scheduled forthcoming release of ten albums in 2010. Far from a tame interview, this 30 minutes captures perfectly the wit and reality rap that Tonedeff and his colleagues create. Watch for the vintage Tonedeff freestyle at the end!

Weapon Aid is Braille’s latest weapon (pardon the pun) and this time features the now single father at his darkest hour. Unlike any other of Braille’s album prior, Weapon Aid is an album engaged with intensity, soul searching, courage and above all freedom. Hear Braille like you’ve never heard him before on Conspiracy Radio in an all revealing stripped down, naked and inspiring exploration of Weapon Aid and his internal hardships creating it. Braille speaks to Mista Montana and Menace about Weapon Aids creation; including him “wrestling particular tracks”, healing, stepping up artistically and growing as an artist, new material including a collaboration with Evidence, his desire to seek different and bigger sounding produced songs and of course his new label Talking Textures which is in conjunction with Syntax Records among many other topics! Celebrate independence with one of Hip Hops most overlooked and criminally slept on secret weapons. A must listen for Braille fans and lovers of Hip Hop with a message

Jimmy Powers has just released, what will no doubt be, one of the strongest albums of 2010.So it was a pleasure to welcome the man himself onto the show and get an essential history lesson, as we explore such themes as La Coka Nostra, working with Copywrite, the success of indie labels and more in an interview as refreshing as Jimmy’s album itself.


We world premiere first-play new non-leaked tracks from Necro’s adventurous new album “DIE!” released May 18th worldwide. Necro leaps out of the pigeon hole you put him in on this new album and it will no doubt prove to be an essential album purchase for 2010.

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