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Show Features: Canibus exclusives from the upcoming album Melatonin Magik, released Feb 9th 2010. Plus,the album’s executive producer and holder of the Guiness World Book Of Records “longest freestyle” record, M-Eighty joins us for an exploration of Canibus and a full expose of the recent D12 ‘Air Strike’ controversy. We talk Undergods future, Canibus’ upcoming projects and everything you’d expect from such a rare opportunity to venture inside the Canibus camp.
Copywite is in an electric mood, as he steps in for a typically humorous and untamed interview.We touch upon his rebirth as a man, his new album and even find time to touch upon such topics as Asher Roth,college and hot chicks. We discuss RJD2, Krisis, IllMind and more in a must listen interview with a genius of words.
Compton’s Most Wanted are one of the most respected groups in hip hop. They join us in the form of west-coast pioneer, producer and rapper, The Chill and we talk all about his new album, Detox, other west-coast pioneers such as Above The Law (The Chill has just produced their new album). Hear the knowledge being delivered by a veteran of the true meaning of the phrase “to hustle”. Timeless.
There is exclusive podcast-only material included on this show – check the very end of part 2 of the show – is that REALLY a Canibus diss of Royce Da 5 9? You decide.

Download: Part 1 & Part 2

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