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Live guests – CORMEGA – JEAN GRAE – DJ JS-1 – C RAYZ WALZ – JEHST – CF – CREATIVE JUICES – J RAWLS – CANIBUS EXCLUSIVE – world exclusives and more!

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Cormega has made a difference and continues to make a difference in hip hop and beyond. His new single I Made A Difference (Haiti Benefit Song) features a who’s who of artists all of which will see the proceeds of their contribution’s go to the Sean Penn’s Organization for Haiti. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t however in every artist Cormega reached out to to make the same difference. Many artists dismissed the cause and nature of the song, some not returning calls and emails. In this engaging and eye-opening two part interview, Mega gives us an update on the current state of Haiti and talks about creating I Made A Difference, explaining why Nature choosing to not contribute was more justifiable than other rappers reasons not to. We are also told that Immortal Technique recorded a verse but didn’t make the final cut due to timing. Furthermore, he addresses the forthcoming x2 CD project Raw Forever, explaining its concept and how The Best Of disc’s track selection was chosen, being critical of his work (Dead Man Walking), his favourite track(s) and his band The Revelations. Furthermore, we are given the lowdown on his upcoming album and its status, including details of a controversial track produced by Large Professor and so much more. A must hear interview! Purchase “I Made A Difference” here

Jean Grae is back with a brand new DJ Drama assisted “Gangsta Grillz Special Edition” mixtape Cookies Or Comas and a forthcoming album, namely, Cake Or Death. In an overdue update, Jeanius touches on DJ Drama hosting Cookies Or Comas being a move implemented by her label and the mixtapes response so far, as well as the space she’s been in creatively lately. We also discuss her much anticipated Eddie Izzard inspired album Cake Or Death, Eddie Izzard’s influence on her style and substance, maturity in hip hop, the production and live instrumentation on her album, collaborating with Lil B, punching babies and much more!

C-Rayz-Walz is as rejuvenated as you would imagine, delivering his first non-freestyled interview and first radio interview in over two years. Having had time away to reflect on his bars and re-evaluate his existence, Walz is now in what we call phase 2 of his artistry and career. This becomes apparent after Walz breaking down the several projects slated for release including, All Black Everything: The Prelude (two tracks of which we play including an exclusive taken off the project) which will serve as a pre-cursor to the album All Black Everything LP. Walz also reveals plans of potentially dropping an album every month and collaborative albums with Large Professor and a sequel to Freestyle vs. Written with Supernatural entitled Rock The Bells. He also touches on his desire to sign to Rhyme Sayers, memories of Eydea and more. Although, perhaps the biggest surprise came in the news that he and Vast Aire have talked about releasing a Definitive Jux concept album, based on their experiences with the legendary label. 2011 is looking to be the year of the beast all over again.

DJ JS-1 marches onto the show to join Cormega in a conference call, exploring the concept behind his new album Ground Original: No One Cares, which features a who’s who of incredible artists. We take time to discuss the album’s artwork,DJ Premier giving him an unreleased Guru acapella to sample, the New York radio DJs we would all like to Murder (I wish to break their f**kin fingers), working with Brown Bag Allstars and much more in a refreshing, faith-restoring interview with a seasoned professional.

Jehst steps away from his busy album launch schedule to offer a rare insight into his position as a UK hip hop artist in 2011. As introspective as you would expect, Jehst explores the long creation of his new album “The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family” as well as finding time to discuss the scene surrounding him. Jehst fans unite and do not miss!

DMC and Fight Club battle winner, CF joins us to promote his latest project Storm Mode as well as his forthcoming Creative Juices Music debut album. In this short but informative interview we talk about Storm Mode and its aesthetics, the tracks Walk With Me and Battle Cry, production, his affiliation with Immortal Technique, the condemning of American capitalism and more! Furthermore, we are given an update on the status and release of his forthcoming yet to be titled debut album and one of the dopest acapella’s in recent show memory!

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