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Show Features: Wu Tang Clan are in the building as Inspectah Deck takes a 60 minute timeout to talk about his new album The Manifesto, dropping March 23rd. We explore the reasons why he is glad to have finally contractually left the Wu Tang Clan,their current plans to make a new Wu studio album as a whole group, the Joe Budden beef, his own imminent retirement after his next album, U God’s current battle with schizophrenia and much more. This is as in-depth as any Wu Tang interview will be – don’t miss it.
Gold Chain Military is one of the hardest hitting collectives in current hip hop. Their front-man, Planet Asia, joins us on the show for an eventful and amusing insight into West Coast hip hop, his love of British fish n chips, what it means to be a ‘conscious’ emcee and much more in an interview that was so intense, Planet Asia drops his phone in excitement mid-way through. So brutal.
Little Brother are about to call it a day and focus upon their solo aspirations.Phonte explains to us why this is,in a positive and heart-warming interview, covering a plethora of issues including A Tribe Called Quest’s separation, still thinking Kayne West is a coward, Byron Crawford, a reflection upon Little Brother’s highs and lows and more. Essential listening.
Mistah FAB is an artists’ artist. He is often perceived, by hip hop fans, to be a mainstream rapper who has nothing to offer the ‘underground’, hardcore hip hop scene. Signed to one of the biggest labels in the world and collaborating weekly with some of the most recognised names in popular music, FAB carefully and eloquently explains to us that artistic integrity and creativity span further than ‘keeping it real’ for the sake of the internet ‘parasites’. In one of our most informative and thought-provoking interviews to date, FAB is sure to win you over and achieve your utmost respect, with his convincing and at time tragic, accounts of life as hip hop’s most diverse emcees.

Download: Part 1 & Part 2

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