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Live guests: DJ Premier, Fat Joe,  Saigon, Tech N9ne, The Real “Freeway” Rick Ross, Mr Frank Lucas, Kay Slay, Arabian Knightz, world exclusive Wyclef tracks and more!

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On this monumental six hour show we have:

Mr Frank Lucas,one of the most notorious gangsters in American history, joins Mista Montana and Menace for a raw and candid reflection upon American society, the CIA’s role in the drug industry, Denziel Washington’s portrayal of him in the hollywood adaptation of his life, American Gangster, and much more in a truly landmark piece of radio history.

DJ Premier joins us to discuss his future production projects, the importance of Mr Magic and Roc Raida, his passion to reform Gangstarr and a lot more, in another significant and classic Primo interview.

Fat Joe is in fine spirits, as he openly laughs in 50 Cent’s face and thanks him for the excellent recent publicity for J.O.S.E. 2. Expect the unexpected, from a man who has consistently stayed relevant in Billboard charts for over a decade. He admits that 50 Cent is his biggest fan right now and even has his posters in his bedroom. Regarde!

Tech 9ne begins the interview in a mood and tone expected form such a happy-go-lucky, successful pioneer of lyrical athleticism and creativity. However, due to the seemingly unrelenting hardships that have been recently bestowed upon him, this mood soon fades and what we capture in this lengthy, heart-wrenching interview, is Tech 9ne’s cries for divine intervention in his life. Do you think being a success in hip hop brings instant, unrivaled happiness? Listen to this interview and reconsider.

Released from a life sentence early just 10 days ago, The Real “Freeway” Rick Ross,America’s most prolific drug trafficker in history, takes time to join us for an interview which signifies the end of his criminal past and the birth of his new life out of jail. We talk about the ironic and synthetic nature of America’s War On Drugs, including the government’s reliance upon people such as himself to maintain the US economy. A rare glimpse.

Saigon is with us full of new optimism about his life and his music, as we explore the incidents and mishaps within his colorful, trouble-riddled past and focus upon fatherhood and the importance of responsibility. Again. expect the unexpected with this classic.

DJ Kay Slay is in a confident and self-assured mood, as he talks about hip hop beef, denying his role in any such on and off-record rivalries. Do you agree with his top ten rapper countdown within this interview? Where was Skinny9er in there for example? Peep it.


Arabian Knightz are live from Egypt as they bless us with their presence for a lively and extremely informative introduction to one of the fastest developing groups in modern hip hop. We talk self-motivation, the thriving middle eastern hip hop scene and so much more in this enlightening and refreshing head-to-head. Do not miss this!

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