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Snoop and Dam-Funk want you to make the next video from the 7 Days Of Funk album’s “Hit Wit Me”.

The rules are simple: download audio for “High Wit Me” and the green screen footage of Snoop and Dam. Create your own video using any the green screen and/or any other footage you want. Once you’ve completed your video, title it “7 Days Of Funk Video Contest”, upload it to YouTube and notify us at of your submission. We’ll add your video to the contest playlist for all to see and Snoop and Dam to judge.

You can do anything you like as long as it’s creative – shoot new footage, animation, found footage, Snoop and Dam green screen footage or combinations of all of the above so long as it doesn’t infringe another copyright. Our deadline is February 17, 2014.

After that we’ll announce the winner on February 24, 2014, taking into consideration view counts, comments, and most importantly which video Snoop and Dam like best. 4 Semi-finalists will get a $200 each and a 7 Days Of Funk 7” box set. The winner will get $1,000, a chance to direct an upcoming video for Stones Throw and a 7 Days Of Funk 7” box set.


Bonus: Hit continue reading to check out footage from 7 Days Of Funk album release party in LA.

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