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Words by the Rugged Man:

When super lyrical MC’s like Apathy and Celph Titled step to you to be on a joint, you want to spit something really interesting lyrically cuz you know they’re gunna kill it..(and as expected those boys went HARD!!!)….So when Apathy sent me a beat called “Caveman,” I wanted to go left field and real heavy with it. I thought back to when the Nation of Islam and the Nation of God’s and Earths were a heavy influence in HipHop and a lot of black kids that I knew used to tell me white folks were cavemen out of the Caucasus mountains and we were devils before we were even born…I wanted my verse to be the blue-eyed, leprosy-infected demon’s theme music. Selling drugs to the community, raping and destroying cultures and creating AIDS…I wanted everything bad ever said to me about white people in my verse, mixed in with a lot of truths too. Also to the Nation of Gods and Earths the 85’ers are those that are dumb, deaf and blind with no knowledge of self, so I purposely only wrote 85% of my verse on the topic till I switched into typical whiteboy stereotypes like wrestling, bar brawlin, and lacrosse playing. This is probably the most anti-Caucasian verse ever written, but it was written by a self deprecating weirdo white guy so i think its funny and it works…

Via 2DBZ.

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