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For many of us, this has been a long time coming. Queens rapper Despot has been something of a ghost for the past decade, only reappearing for a rare feature here and there. He’s publicly discussed his long awaited debut album for at least the past five years, which makes today’s sudden drop of what has been a live staple since around 2012 or so a pretty big surprise. It was starting to feel like we were never going to get new solo material from him, but here we are.

Produced by E*Vax of Ratatat, “House of Bricks” is a song that Despot has been performing live for quite a long time, but it still sounds just as fresh as it did years ago. Self-admitted perfectionist, it’s nice to finally have music to go alongside his promises, especially considering how great so many of his guest spots are.

via pigeonsandplanes

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