Blackout Top News

Oh man, I remember listenin’ to this album on tape, the same year it came out. As the album drained my walkman batteries I didn’t know sh*t about it nor was I familiar with Ice-T, but it sounded more powerful than everything I heard up to that point, since I was younger than Da Youngsta‘s word up.

Ice-T is absolutely perfect for this Hip-Hop/Heavy Metal Body Count sound. Violent Demise is an incredible album, magnificent and on point, especially the first half of the album. Definitely something Ice-T couldn’t do on a regular rap record. Body Count formed in 1990 in Los Angeles by Ice-T and guitarist Ernie C.

Strippers is off their 3rd album Violent Demise: The Last Days, released on Virgin in ’97.

Produced by Howard Benson.

RIP Beatmaster “V”, Mooseman and D-Roc.


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