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Somethin’ to mellow out to.

Nottingham native, Cappo, first entered the world of hip-hop as a grafitti writer, and started rapping at an early age. By ’95 he was rapping daily, and was one half of a two man group. No releases, but the experience was enough to boost him to go for self, and he went on to do his first proper live show at Nottingham Carnival, summer ’97. Since then a regular on the Notts scene, and renowned for holding his own against any emcees, local or international.

Not one to sit on his mic, Caps has been well busy on the production tip, and his First Knight 3 track demo in summer ’98 was soon followed up by his self-produced self-financed 15 track demo album The Cap Tape Volume One, leading to an approach from SON, a track being featured on Disorda’s UK artist’s showcase Mind The Gap series, and a four-star album review in HHC.

Since then he has released his first piece of vinyl, the Cap 3000 EP in ’99, appeared on one of the best received tracks That’s The Way It Goes, on the Lost Island album Forbidden Ground and the killer posse track 7even on the recent Mad Doctor X Project X 2 EP. He has also released his first full length LP Spaz the World on Brighton based label, Zebra Traffic.

I can’t remember the last time I heard something so dope from ’99.

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