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Today we got some cold gangsta sh*t from Houston, a group called Convicts and their track Peter Man, from their only self-titled album released in ’91 on Rap-A-Lot Records.

The group, which was composed of Big Mike and Mr. 3-2, crafted the concept of their only album around two convicts who just got out of prison. After the album dropped, Suge was pursuing Big Mike to join Death Row Records, and even put the two up in an apartment in Long Beach.

Mike and 3-2 ended up recording a song with Snoop and Warren G, but when Willie D left the Geto Boys and Lil’ J offered the spot to Big Mike, he accepted. Some stories say that Suge and Dre actually got the idea of “Death Row Inmates” from Convicts album and others that Snoop might have borrowed some of his flows from 3-2

Dat’s some underground ish right there.



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