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4real, don’t even play this without some good shit at your disposal my man. Something dope and seriously deep from Money earnin’ Mount Vernon’s bygone era, off one of the most unique underground albums – The Original Baby Pa, by Pete Rock‘s cousin Sylvester James aka Deda.

This album is his only release, recorded in ’95, shelved for 8 years and in 2003 it saw the light of the day.

I remember years and years ago, one night I was in the process of gettin’ nicely stoned, so I put on my headphones, moved away from the PC, focused and listened to the whole Original Baby Pa album from begining to end first time ever since I discovered it that night, I just knew it had to be done… In case you’re wondering, that’s Erick Sermon‘s vocal sample in the chorus.

Experience so strong and captivating, it’s impossible to put into words, except – real shit in full effect.

Produced by Pete Rock

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