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Today we got a short but always sweet slept-on material from Newark’s underground legend Govna Mattic also known as Tha Governer and Gov Mattic, who got into the Hip-Hop scene early on as a member of the local Newark, New Jersey Hip-Hop collective Revolutionary Party of Terrace. I couldn’t find any material from them as they probably never released any.

The group formed in the late 1980’s and included such up-and-comers as Redman and several rappers that would become part of the group Lords Of The Underground. In the 1990’s Gov Mattic teamed up with another local cat to form the group Diezzle Don & Tha Govener.

Gov Mattic continues to appear on underground mixtape releases and is now known more for his production work as he worked with Redman & Method Man, LOTUG, The Ousidaz, Craig Mack, Yuk Mouth, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Leela James, Runt Dawg, Brick Mob etc.

Concussion is off his solo debut Hell Up In Newark – The Mental Picture Soundtrack , released on Lost Trybe Records in ’98.


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