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Hey folks, it happens here and there that I’m mad busy and I hope you ain’t mad at me when there’s no Dig Of The Day like yesterday… Thank you.

Dig Of The Day ain’t stoppin’ like Batman & Robin, today we have a dope and timeless material – 3 songs actually, from the first Grand Theft Auto game released in 1997. GTA 1 and GTA 2 are the only Grand Theft Auto games that feature fictional music, in other words, music was made by Rockstar‘s in-house musicians. The tracks you’ll hear today are from N-CT FM, one of the radio stations from the game and the only one that plays Hip-Hop. People in charge of the musical content were Craig Conner, Stuart Ross, Paul Scargill, Colin Anderson, Bert Reid and Moving Shadow.

PC players can remove the CD once the game is loaded and replace it with an audio CD. The next time the character enters a vehicle, a song from the CD will randomly play. This can also be done in the PlayStation port. The Collector’s Edition of the PC version included the soundtrack on a separate CD.

Gangster Friday, also known simply as Grand Theft Auto, is the original theme song for the game.

N-CT FM tracklist:

SlumpussyGangster Friday (many times referred to as Da ShootazJoyride)
SlumpussyThis Life
CCC featuring Robert DeNegroBlow Your Console

By the way, you may have missed this, last year I featured a track from GTA III, check it out here.

RIP Sean Price.


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