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Hey ya’ll, today we got the youngest underground rap group from back in the day and I think they were really the youngest, around 10-11 years old, since Kriss Kross, Da Youngsta’s, Chi-Ali, Illegal, Shyheim (and probably Ba Ba Kidz) were all older a few years.

Back in ’93, Kronic (which was Zane, his brother Mike and their cousin Eric) debuted with a single titled It Bee’z Like That on Kaper Records, a small R&B and rap orientated label under the roof of RCA/BMG. Practically from the start they had Erick Sermon, Dallas Austin and Spearhead X working with them.

For today’s post we have a pretty dope track called Summertime that I played many many times, from their Da 4 Foot Attack EP, released on RCA and Kaper Records in 1994. The EP was issued only on cassette and cd as a promo, so basically their EP never saw official release since it was shelved. Find me a shorty or a group that young today that can rock like Kronic… If you find it 4real, holla at me.

Produced by Spearhead X.

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