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kurtis blow

When was the last time ya’ll heard this song (if ever)? A classic oldschool dopeness from Harlem’s own, mr. Kurtis Blow, the man who has the first certified gold record rap song in history (The Breaks, from his debut album in 1980) and a man whose name is one of the most recognizable in Hip-Hop culture, with a track called Got To Dance from Party Time? EP. I think I heard it some time ago but I really heard it just recently and listened to it on repeat like crazy.

One for the kids, youngsters and teenagers out there – Don’t listen to the sh*tty bullsh*t they spin on MTV and other video-music channels and radios these days, it’s all a bunch of crap with extremely materialistic unintelligent backgrounds which basically teach you how to be an idiot and a loyal servant to the system know what I’m sayin’? Go back to the roots ’cause THE REAL, raw, intelligent, honest and original rap music with dynamite soul is right there. Go back to the oldschool and don’t support the bullsh*t they serve today, trust me. Invest your money and time on the real stuff. Peace

Party Time? EP is released on Mercury in 1983.

Produced by J.B. Moore and Robert Ford, Jr.


  1. Krunoslav Jakopanec on Facebook on September 05, 2015

    King of rap