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Today’s Dig Of The Day is in honor of our fallen soldier, Mark B, who passed away in his sleep on January 1st, 2016.

One half of the very well known duo Mark B & Blade (a rare success story to emerge from the post-2000 UK Hip Hop scene), he produced & helped define the sound over 24 years+ & inspiring a whole generation of new genre artists and fans in the process with legendary releases like Ya Don’t See The Signs & The Unknown.

Had it not been for Mark B‘s efforts to crank up his often downbeat productions into something much more ‘in yer face’ The Unknown would never had been made. After the success of the single The Unknown, a finely honed acoustic jam, Wordplay Records have added some new material including a guitar riff slamming remix of Ya Don’t See The Signs courtesy of Feeder’s Grant Nicholas and re-released the album on to a newly primed audience.

All tracks produced by Mark B & Blade / scratches by Plus One, Primecuts, Mr Thing and DJ Grasshoppa.

RIP Mark B (November 6th, 1970 – January 1st, 2016)

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